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Achieve True Brain Health

 October 7

by Jason Hutchins

The Vessel IV Bar was created to redefine the healthcare experience—focusing on ultimate wellness—starting at the molecular level.

We enter the world in this highly sophisticated “vessel” (our bodies), yet we are not provided a manual on how to run it. It is estimated that approximately 37 octillion (that’s 27 zeroes after the 37) chemical reactions occur in our bodies per second! Nevertheless, the heart keeps beating, the lungs keep breathing, and the gut continues to process food to meet our needs. Our body’s chemical reactions are infinitely responding to the stimuli and triggers that we and our environment give it. It’s incredible how it continues to serve.

At some point, however, we may find ourselves in a situation where the effects of our decisions and the environment negatively impact our vessel’s function and it starts to lose balance. It can’t seem to keep up with the never-ending demands we place on it and, therefore, begins to mal-adapt. Because the gut contains approximately 70% of the body’s immune system (our primary defense), it is where most of our dysfunction starts to occur, thereby impacting almost every other chemical reaction and tissue in the body, ultimately affecting how we absorb nutrients. So, how do we turn this around, or better yet, get ahead of this?

Appreciating that our bodies are adapted to carry out healing reactions, but also that the gut is often over-taxed and may even be the factor which most limits the body's rate of healing, it made most sense to me to start with the foundation of our body’s chemical-reaction building blocks: fluids and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. By delivering these micronutrients directly to the bloodstream, we allow them to entirely bypass saliva, stomach acid and the gut, entering circulation free of binders or fillers and ready to use—100% bioavailable. We make it our mission to help you reach ultra-wellness at the molecular level in the most efficient and effective ways.

We believe you deserve consistently stellar service and expertise when it comes to your wellness. Come experience the shift yourself.

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