Know if it is COVID in 1 Hour


Protect your family and community if you have COVID


Be part of the solution by getting tested if you think you have COVID


It can kill people

It has the potential to kill people, especially those who we are trying to protect like

  • Elderly family members
  • People with compromised immune systems
  • People with other health conditions that can make COVID even worse
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do your part 

Find out if your symptoms are COVID

Get Answers Fast

Results in as little as 1 Hour

Protect Your Family

Limit your exposure to others if necessary

Live With Knowledge, Not Fear

Don't wonder if you had COVID or you might make others sick, find out now.

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we are here to help

Hi, We are Vessel Longevity and IV Bar

At Vessel Longevity and IV Bar, we've been in your shoes.

Trying to find COVID testing is not easy. 

This is why we decided to do our part and help our community with fast access to COVID test results so you can focus on living and getting better, not wondering if you're making others sick

Competent Staff

We have experience with several testing types and can get you the answers you need

Fast Results

We have two tests, one with results in One Hour and another that has expedited processing with results in as little as 48 hours

Over 1,750 Clients

We've helped so many other clients with their wellness, nutrition and longevity goals. We can help you too

COVID Test Services

How It Works

Schedule Your Test

Book Online or Call to Schedule

Call Us When You Park

Find Parking Outside Our Store and call (505) 910-4888

We Test You At Your Vehicle

We take your tests and we'll call or email you your results.

schedule your Test today

So you can

  • Know if you have COVID or not
  • Know what to do

Instead of

  • Worrying about it
  • Letting the doubt control your life

Vessel Longevity

At Vessel Longevity, we know that you want to be an adventurous and fun person. In order to do that, you need to be active and strong.

The problem is you might have COVID which makes you feel worried about your own health or hurting others.

We believe getting a COVID test should be easy. We understand what it's like to look for testing only to be turned away which is why we are doing our part and increasing access to COVID testing in New Mexico. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • You schedule your test
  • You call us when you arrive for your test
  • We test you at your vehicle and call with the results in an hour

So schedule your test today, so you can stop letting doubt slow down your life and instead know what you need to do

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