Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

  • Used to stimulate healing in your joints
  • Established track record of healing without surgery

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy promotes the body’s natural repair process to heal injuries. In addition to blood clotting properties, platelets are also natural sources of growth factors, proteins, and other materials that help repair degenerative or injured tissue.

PRP therapy uses your own concentrated platelets. By stimulating and enhancing the body’s own healing response, it is used to treat injuries, inflammation, and some chronic degenerative conditions. PRP therapy is a great option for those who want to heal the source of pain rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Receiving PRP - PRP is derived from your own blood. After the blood is drawn, it is spun in a centrifuge, such as the one in the picture above, until is separates into layers. The "golden" area of the sample tube is the PRP. After applying local anesthetic (numbing), PRP is injected into the areas in need of healing.

Benefits of PRP include:

  • Safety - it has nearly no risk of adverse reactions PRP uses your own cells
  • Cost-Effectiveness - PRP therapy is significantly less expensive than using cells from a donor
  • Surgery Free - You can walk out of the procedure able to resume light daily activity while your healing begins immediately

Advanced Regenerative Therapy

  • The most advanced joint therapy available
  • Cutting edge techniques and research adapted for the best results and healing

Advanced Regenerative Therapy utilizes human allograft to promote joint healings. This therapy is a procedure where cells are injected into damaged or diseased tissue to stimulate the healing process. Exosomes are small packets of signaling molecules and proteins that these human allograft cells use to stimulate regeneration in nearby cells.

These cells have the ability to transform into many different cell types in order to repair tissues, whereas exosomes have the power to convert the physiology of an "old" cell into that of a younger cell.

Human allograft cells and exosomes are used for joint or skeletal procedures because they can promote transformation or healing of bone or cartilage cells to stimulate the your own regeneration process.

Receiving Human Allograft and Exosome Therapy - Vessel Longevity uses human allograft cells and exosomes which are sourced and screened via the same rigorous process used for organ donation in the United States. Much like the PRP Therapy, the human allograft cells and exosomes are injected into the areas in need of healing after applying local anesthetic (numbing).

Benefits of Human Allograft/Exosome Therapy:

  • Concentrated Healing Power - Human allograft cells and exosomes are capable of adapting and directly stimulating cell regeneration or repair, potentially increasing healing capacity more than PRP therapy alone
  • Surgery Free - You can walk out of the procedure able to resume light daily activity while your healing begins immediately

Fascial Hydration

  •  Release trapped nerves in the fascia
  • Cutting edge techniques to heal the fascia

Fascial Hydration is the process of using certain growth factors found in stem cells to hydrate and re-contour damaged tissue in the fascia. The fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds organs, blood vessels, nerves and muscles where they belong. Like the skin, fascia has nerves that can become entrapped in damaged tissue. When this tissue becomes dry and fibrous, it can cause acute pain referred from the entrapped nerve.

Receiving Fascial Hydration Therapy - After applying local anesthetic (numbing), Vessel Longevity uses human allograft cells and sterile water to rehydrate and recontour the fascia in order to release trapped nerves and reestablish proper fluid exchange. Some clients have reported euphoric pain relief in cases where nerves are trapped by fibrous fascia tissue.

Benefits of Fascial Hydration Therapy:

  • Acute Nerve Pain - Releasing trapped nerves restores pain free movement in the absence of other mechanical issues
  • Concentrated Healing Power - Stem cells contain growth factors which promote healing
  • Surgery Free - You can walk out of the procedure able to resume light daily activity while your healing begins immediately

Some of these Therapies are investigational 

With every new advancement in medicine, there is a period of early adoption. Vessel Longevity is committed to using the latest and most advanced therapies to help you heal and enjoy a long life full of energy.

  • Your primary physician may not have heard of some of these therapies
  • Our medical team is happy to discuss them with your greater medical care team
  • We also provide a complete anti-aging services suite to help you achieve all of your anti-aging goals